Where there is water, there is sp series submersible DIY-Pump. Where there is water, there is sp series submersible DIY-Pump.
Where there is water, there is sp series submersible DIY-Pump.
Solar Pump System
BSP8 Frequency Speed Control Water Supply System
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BSP8 Frequency Speed Control Water Supply System
Flow Rate:
8 m³/hr
27M ~ 198M
1.1W ~ 7.5 KW
Medium Temp:
0℃ ~ 40℃ ~ 90℃
Insulation Level:
Protection Level:

DIY-PUMP has been in the production and development of deep well pumps for more than 15 years, our deep well pump has been used in BSP series constant voltage variable frequency water supply equipment for 8 years. DIY-PUMP BSP series constant voltage water supply system relies on advanced technology development, equipped with stable and reliable software, and consists of the latest high-performance advanced CPU-PID controller and 2 to 8 sets water pumps in parallel connection, which can meet users’ water supply needs for constant pressure and variable flow rate with its features of stepless speed changing and automatic adjusting. 

DIY-PUMP BSP series is a closed loop control system composed of pressure controller, variable frequency control cabinet, water pump, valve, pipe and other accessories, which can replace water tower, high level cistern and the traditional air pressure tank water supply device. Also can calculate and adjust the water supply automatically according to the actual water consumption of pipe network at any time to ensure the constant pressure of pipe network, avoid the overpressure of water supply when the flow rate is small, then realize the efficient water supply for the full flow. 


Life and fire water supply system for apartment, residence, building, factory, restaurant, hospital, school and so on; golf courses, agricultural irrigation facilities, water supply in waterworks, water transfer in sewage plant; places that sets high level cistern not easily and the production process requires constant pressure control; water treatment system, test system, and areas with descending water pressure due to expansion and replacement of equipment.


  • Clean, Hygienic, Safe and Reliable.

  • High Efficient and Energy Saving. 

  • Intelligent Control. 

  • Long Life, Small Volume & Easy Installation. 

  • Average Load for the Pumps. 

  • Soft Start.

  • Automatic Reset.

  • Selection for the Pumps.

  • External Emergency Signal (optional)

  • Remote Control (optional).

  • Large LCD Display.

  • Digital PID Control.

  • Small Flow Segment and Cut-Off Segment Operation Function and Pressurized Sleep Function.

  • Automatic Switching Function of Control Mode (Converter System).

  • Multiple Modes of Operation.

  • Convenient to Set the Working Data.

  • Easy to Expand Functions to Meet the Needs of Various Customers.

  • The Equipment Can Be Equipped with Several Measures without Negative Pressure

Installation Precautions

Before installation, please read it carefully. The installation and operation should refer to the local laws and regulations and recognized rules.

Before installing the water pump, please follow the below process to avoid damaging the water pump.

1. The arrow on the pump shows the direction of liquid flow in the pump.

2. Pump size, pipeline connection, location and size of anchor bolts.

3. In order to reduce the noise of the pump as much as possible, it is recommended to install shockproof hose at the inlet and outlet of the pump.

Electrical Wiring: according to local regulations, electrical wiring should be carried out by qualified electrical technicians.

No power state - before opening the electrical box or before disconnecting the wire, please make sure that the power switch is in the "off" state.

Starting Procedure: exhaust the air before starting the pump. In the case the pump bearing will be damaged when dry running.

When exhausting, pay attention not to hurt people or objects. Especially when it is used to transport hot water, be careful not to scald by hot water spray.

Maintenance: before maintenance, make sure that the pump should be in power-off state to prevent accidental start-up.

Antifreeze Treatment: do not use the pump in frost period, the liquid in the pump must be drained to prevent pump damage.





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