Where there is water, there is sp series submersible DIY-Pump. Where there is water, there is sp series submersible DIY-Pump.
Where there is water, there is sp series submersible DIY-Pump.
Inverter for Deep Well Pump
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Inverter for Deep Well Pump

The PDS33 Solar Controller is a variable speed motor driver designed for any IEC-compliant three-phase asynchronous motor. The PDS33 solar pump system converts the high-voltage direct current of the solar array into alternating current, driving a standard three-phase asynchronous motor to supply water to remote areas. When the solar energy is insufficient, the controller can manually switch to a spare single-phase or three-phase AC power source, such as a generator. The controller also provides fault detection, motor soft start and speed control function. The PDS33 solar pump controller has specially designed plug-and-play function and is easy to install.


  • Compatible with any IEC three-phase asynchronous motors

  • Compatible with popular solar arrays

  • Grid main supply optional


  • Self-adaptive maximum power point tracking technology with up to 99% efficiency

  • Automatic regulation of pump flow

  • Self-adaptation to the drive used in the installation

Cost Effectiveness:

  • Plug-and-play system design

  • Embedded pump functions 

  • Battery-free for most applications 

  • Effortless maintenance


  • 10-year market proven experience of leading motor and pump drive technology

  • Soft start feature to prevent water hammer and increase system life

  • Smart IGBT module integrated to simplify system design, reduce board space, simplify the manufacturing process and thus 

  • Built-in overvoltage, overload, overheat and dry-run motor protection

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