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Tips for Choosing Water Pump
26 February 2021

Widely used for a variety of residential, industrial and agricultural tasks, the modern water pump is light years ahead of its original counterpart - a simple device that was used by the Egyptians around 2000 BC to draw water from wells. 

Today, water pumps are designed using highly-advanced technology for specialized applications. Crucial for moving water in compact set-ups by increasing the overall mechanical energy, they are widely used in households, public institutions like schools and hospitals, commercial facilities, and industries. Because there are many types of pumps, it becomes very important to know how to choose the right one. So, what should potential buyers consider before investing? Thus, it becomes very important to choose the right pump that can serve the purpose of a purchase. What then should a potential buyer consider before investing in one?

Here are some tips for you:

What is the purpose of purchase?

The first ground rule to buying a water pump is deciding the specialized application you need it for. For unfailing and steadfast performance, your water pump should understand the environment where it has to be installed. DIY-PUMP pumps are designed using highly-advanced technology to provide a reliable solution to your water requirements, such as landscape fountain, agriculture irrigation, industry water, geological prospecting, etc.

What is the flow rate?

The flow rate of a pump is its efficiency in pumping water over a given period of time. Usually measured as the number of litres per minute (l/min) or the number of cubic metres per hour (m3/h), the flow rate is crucial to pump operation. For example, if you need a pump for agricultural or industrial use, the flow rate should be high (around 2000 litres/minute). On the other hand, if you are looking for a household pump, the ideal flow rate would be between 100-200 litres/minute. What makes the flow rate of a pump even more important is the fact that it determines the longevity of a pump as well as its day-to-day energy consumption. Lesser flow rate would lead to higher usage and subsequently higher consumption. 

What is the water quality?

A water pump can work to its full potential only if it is installed in the right environment. To put it simply, different water pumps and motors are designed to handle different types of water. Your water pump can get damaged if you are using it for a water type it is not meant for. For instance, a dewatering pump's purpose would be to transfer clean water from one place to another, whereas a trash pump is designed to move large amounts of dirty water quickly.

What is the capacity of the discharge head, suction head, and pressure of the pump?

Another determining factor while zeroing on a water pump is its technical aspect. First of all, check on the discharge head, which is the maximum height of the discharge pipe, and also the maximum height from where water can be pumped. If you want to pump water to higher levels, ensure that you choose a pump with a higher discharge head. Also check on the suction head capacity, which is the deepest level from where water can be pumped.

What is the inlet size?

The inlet size is extremely important for the proper flow of water. If the inlet size is too small, it will impose friction loss on the system. This is why it helps to choose a fairly well-sized inlet so that the amount of water pumped is more and the water flow is more.

What is the quality of the pump?

Undoubtedly, one aspect where prospective water pump buyers should never compromise on is the brand. It always helps to choose a company that one can trust and rely upon so that no faults or errors crop up later. Offering a range of residential, agricultural, speciality and solar pumps, DIY-PUMP has been the preferred choice of many buyers over the years. With high quality motors, anti-rust coating,high efficiency, robust design, and conservation of water, DIY-PUMP has revolutionized the way we saw the water pump.

To achieve top productivity in your pumping operations, it is important to cautiously take a decision based on these factors and install the one that best suits your purpose. we believe that DIY-PUMP will be a good choice for you.

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