All about DIY-Pump. All about deep well pump. All about DIY-Pump. All about deep well pump.
All about DIY-Pump. All about deep well pump.
Some Tips for Extending the Lifespand of Deep Well Pump
22 December 2020

The service life of submersible pumps is not only related to the quality of the product, but also related to whether it is used normally! So how to improve the lifespan of deep well pumps?

1. Confirm the correct rotation direction of the motor

Nowadays, there are many types of deep well pumps that can produce water during forward and reverse rotation, but the water output is small and the current is large during reverse rotation, and the long reverse rotation time will damage the motor windings.

2. Prohibit the abnormal power supply voltage

When the voltage is too low, the motor speed of the deep well pump decreases. When it does not reach 70% of the rated speed, the starting centrifugal switch will be closed, causing the starting winding to be energized for a long time and heating or even burning the winding and capacitor. On the contrary, excessive voltage causes the motor to overheat and burn out the windings.

3. Cable installation

When installing the deep well pump, the cable should be overhead and the power cord should not be too long. When the deep well pump is launched or lifted, do not apply force to the cable to avoid breaking the power cord. Do not sink into the mud when the deep well pump is working, otherwise it will cause poor heat dissipation of the motor and burn out the motor windings. At the same time, debris will enter the pump and damage the pump.

 4. Don't let the deep well pump overload for a long time

In order to avoid long-term overload of the deep well pump, do not pump water with a large amount of sand and always observe whether the current value is the value specified on the nameplate. If you find that the current is too large, you should stop the machine for inspection. In addition, the dehydration operation time of the electric pump should not be too long, so as to avoid overheating and burning of the motor.

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